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GO JUNK FREE AMERICA! Inc. was started with the vision of an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL, LOW COST solution to junk removal for commercial, residential, and professional customers. We saw a need within the removal industry to provide customers with the best possible service from a uniformed trained staff, while helping the environment. Our company’s mission is to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. We go as far as possible to make a greener America – our company’s uniforms are made from recycled polyester, are business cards are printed with soy ink on recycled paper, and our trucks are specially designed to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions! These are just some of the measures we take to REDUCE our impact on the environment. We RECYCLE over 80% of the items we pickup, and we DONATE many REUSABLE items to CHARITIES. With the LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED*, and the knowledge that you are helping others and the environment, there really is no other possible choice to get the junk out of your life!

Commercial Junk Removal Service | 323-633-0610 | Go Junk Free AmericaOur passion centers around contributing to a cleaner, more eco-friendly California, especially in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities, which is why we not only remove junk and debris that other companies won’t take, but also recycle or reuse over 80% of the items we pick up, including donating items that are still in good condition to charity.

Because our passions make us versatile in our community, you may hear us described by any one or more of the following names:


Whatever you call us, we have the team and the trucks to meet all of your junk removal needs. Contact us at 1-877-465-8653 or (323) 633-0610 or book online today!

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Call Now: (323) 633-0610

Junk Removal | 323-633-0610 | Go Junk Free America

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