Concrete & Brick Removal

Concrete & Brick Removal


Los Angeles Concrete Removal | Go Junk Free America!Whether you’re a general contractor in the middle of a job site, or a homeowner on a do it yourself remodel project, removing old concrete and brick can be hard work. There’s the demolition, then the hauling, removing and clean up. What if one company could help you with all three of those steps, allowing you to focus on other tasks? Go Junk Free America is the leading junk hauler in the Los Angeles area, and your concrete and brick removal resource. We specialize in hauling away large, heavy, bulky items that you no longer need or want. Just give us a call for a free estimate and let us get to work.

Save Your Strength

Concrete and brick can be heavy, why not save your strength (and your back) by calling Go Junk Free America? We’ll haul away the debris and try to recycle as much of it as possible. In fact, we recycle or reuse at least 80% of everything we collect and haul away. We also work on construction sites frequently and know the local recycling companies, so we know how to minimize your environmental impact. As America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service, that’s part of our job!

In addition to simply hauling away junk, we also offer labor services to truly save your strength and the strength of your crew. While we’re demolishing concrete, brick, stone, drywall and other construction materials, your crew could be working on the next task at hand. Or if you’re working on a do it yourself project, let us step in and demo the spaces you want safely and efficiently. Then we’ll pack it up and haul it away. Delegating to professionals still qualifies as doing it yourself!

The Long Haul

If you’re working on an extended project and need a place to dump your junk, our dumpster rental is available for the long haul. This is ideal for concrete and brick removal, and construction projects of all sizes, at your own pace. Simply rent the dumpster, tell us when you want it to arrive and point out where it should be placed. We’ll leave it with you for you to collect all your junk and debris for as long as you like. Then call us to come pick it up and haul it away. Just one more simple solution for all of your construction, remodeling, cleaning and hauling needs!

LA’s Leading Concrete and Brick Removal Resource

When you’re in need of concrete, brick or other construction debris removed, call Go Junk Free America at (877) 465-8653 for the lowest guaranteed* price. Our staff will arrive on time, not in a four-hour window, and they’ll be ready to help get you junk free right away. We service the entire Los Angeles area, including Burbank, Hollywood, Brentwood and Belair, and we do more than just concrete and brick removal. We can haul away hot tubs, vehicles and appliances, plus other construction debris including drywall and glass. We’re your removal resource. Book us online or on the phone today!

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