Construction Debris Removal Los Angeles

Construction Debris Removal Los Angeles

Construction Debris Removal LA | Go Junk Free America
Construction, renovation, remodel and restoration projects are incredibly common in the Los Angeles area. As homes and office spaces are updated to be efficient and effective in the 21st century, some of the old technology and construction has to go. So what do you do with the debris created from construction projects? You call a professional junk hauler that knows the entire Los Angeles area, like Go Junk Free America.

Debris Build Up

Construction Debris Removal LA | Go Junk Free AmericaConstruction sites are known to build up quite the stash of debris and junk. There are a lot of different options for handling and removing construction leftovers. One option is to rent a dumpster and store it at the job site for as long as you need it. Pick up and drop off can be the same day or weeks apart and the dumpsters can hold up to 16 yards, or two tons of junk! We’ll still recycle the construction debris and let you know where it went, if you’re curious.
Another option is to reserve labor only. Go Junk Free America will provide a skilled, professional crew to help load, demo, move and haul anything you need, junk or otherwise. This is especially helpful for moving and storing furnishings and appliances before a renovation project, such as in a rented storage unit or moving truck. Simple yet effective extra muscle to get the job done

Turnkey Junk Removal

Companies and people who want less headaches and stress opt for full service professionals who are not only equipped to remove everything from hot tubs to RVs, but have the experience to know the best ways to recycle or dispose of the debris.With professional debris removal from Go Junk Free America, you’ll get even the tough stuff moved out of the way. Concrete, stone and brick are notoriously heavy and difficult to move, yet these materials make up most buildings and construction sites. So having someone haul this away can save your construction crew a lot of time and back pain. Metal is another tricky material. We’ll take it away and absolutely reuse what we can, even if rust is present.

Unknown to some, drywall can actually be a pretty big problem if dumped in a landfill with organic materials. “Green waste,” like landscaping debris, plants, grass clipping and tree branches, can combine with and convert the gypsum in drywall to a nasty, smelly gas. It’s important to make sure that drywall construction debris is recycled when possible at a facility especially setup to take this material. We’ll also take all that “green waste” and recycle it, keeping it separate from the drywall.

A Construction Site in the Green

Construction Debris Removal LA | Go Junk Free AmericaWhy not make your construction site as environmentally friendly as possible? As “America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service,” Go Junk Free America practices the three Rs at every turn – recycle, reuse, reduce. We recycle or reuse over 80% of the junk we haul away, which applies to construction debris, too. Did we mention our trucks are hybrids and bigger than the average junk hauler, so we can move more with less fuel? And our uniforms are made of recycled polyester fabric.

If you have a construction site that needs some clean up help, just call us at (877) 465-8653 and get ready to go junk and debris free!

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