What To Expect During A Spa Removal

What To Expect During A Spa Removal

If your spa, hot tub or jacuzzi is outdated, in disrepair, or simply no longer needed, there’s no reason to believe you have to live with it. Just like it once came in, it can also go out. However some spa owners live for years with a unit they’re no longer using because they’re afraid of the time, cost, or hassle involved with hauling it away.

Spa Removal Expectations | Go Junk Free AmericaWith Go Junk Free America, there’s no reason to worry. Our crews are fast, efficient, and experienced, have the equipment needed to remove even large units and haul them away, and charge you one flat fee based on the amount of space your hot tub and its components take up in the truck – no hidden costs or variable fees.

Here’s what you can expect when you call Go Junk Free to remove your hot tub or spa:

  • A knowledgeable initial estimate

The first time you talk to Go Junk Free America, we’ll ask you a a few questions about your spa & hot tub, such as whether it’s an above-ground or in-ground unit, it’s size, it’s location on your property, and any obstructions to getting it out in one piece. This will help us give you a more accurate initial estimate.

  • A set time window

Unlike some other companies that keep you waiting all day, we schedule a 2-hour window within which we will arrive to begin your project.

  • Clean-cut, uniformed crews

There’s no need to be nervous about questionable characters coming onto your property. All our crew members are professional, respectful, and experienced and arrive in full uniform for easy identification

  • A no-obligations on-site quote

Once we see the project first-hand, we will give you a final quote. If you like our quote, we will start work immediately. If not, there is no charge – not even for the trip to the location.

  • All equipment includedSpa Removal Expectations | Go Junk Free America

All equipment needed to transport, disassemble, and sometimes cut apart, your spa or hot tub is included with our fee and arrives with our team to make sure you never have any extra expenses or inconveniences.

  • Large Trucks

Because our rates are based on how much space your spa takes up in our truck, you’ll be happy to know that we have one of the largest trucks around, with 16 cubic yards of bed area.

  • No mess

We make sure all dust, dirt, and debris from your spa is removed before we leave. If it wasn’t there before us, you can be confident it won’t be there after us.


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