The Go Junk Free Spa Advantage

The Go Junk Free Spa Advantage

Although there are many great junk removal companies out there, in our humble opinion, none provides as much of an advantage when removing your hot tub or spa as Go Junk Free America. We not only remove your spa, but also provide exemplary customer service, a transparent pricing structure, all-inclusive rates, and some of the most eco-friendly services in the Greater Los Angeles area.

The Go Junk Free Spa Advantage | Go Junk Free AmericaHere are just a few of the advantages you get when you use our spa removal services:

  • Free on-site estimates

Some companies may give you an estimate over the phone only to charge you more once the task is finished because it was “bigger than described.” We don’t expect our customers to have the expertise to create their own quote – we believe that’s our job. Pursuant to this, we always give our final quote when we arrive on site and actually see your spa. If you like our quote, we go to work immediately. If not, there is no charge, not even for the travel to your location.

  • A narrow window for arrival

We know your time is valuable and we treat it with respect. We never keep you waiting all day for us to show up, but schedule a 2-hour window during which we will arrive to start work. This allows you to schedule your day around you, not us.

  • Uniformed crews

Our clean-cut uniformed crews give you the security of knowing who is showing up at your door. Our uniforms also reflect our professionalism, both in our work and in our customer service.

  • Extra-large trucksThe Go Junk Free Spa Advantage | Go Junk Free America

Since we charge by the fraction of a truck load, it’s to your advantage that our trucks have extra-large beds, measuring 16 cubic yards.

  • Location-neutral pricing

Unlike some other services, which charge you extra for spas that are in hard-to-reach locations or on upper floors or decks, we have a flat pricing structure that is not dependent on where you live or where your spa is located.

  • Free demolition (if needed)

If we cannot remove your spa in one piece, we cut it into many small pieces before hauling it away, free of charge.

  • Eco-friendly policies

We recycle or reuse over 80% of what we pick up, including spas and hot tubs and their components. In addition, we also wear uniforms and carry clipboards and business cards made from recycled materials. Our trucks are painted with low-VOC paint, and we take care to separate recyclable from non-recyclable components before disposing of the junk.

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For all these reasons, we believe you’ll be completely satisfied with our spa removal services. But we want you to make that decision for yourself. Contact us today for a free initial quote and more information about our spa-removal services at 1-877-465-8653.

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