Helpful Tips on Commercial Junk Removal

Helpful Tips on Commercial Junk Removal

CondoBeforeCommercial junk removal serves a very good purpose for companies throughout Los Angeles, Burbank, and many other areas. Many large and small companies have broken chairs and desks, old computer monitors, printers that no longer work and other such items. Business owners have no idea what to do with these items. Many communities have ordinances to prevent us from simply throwing certain items away.

When things like electronics, cell phones, and lithium batteries wind up in a landfill, these items contaminate our soil and water. Many experts believe that this is one reason for so many instances of various cancers and the spread of unusual diseases. We must stop poisoning the earth and this quest begins with safely removing our junk and throwaway items.

A commercial junk removal company will usually take any type of item as long as it’s not hazardous waste. Hazardous waste must be handled according to the EPA’s standards. There are specific guidelines that govern this and prevent the general public from being exposed to dangers like mold and asbestos.

Construction Debris

Every construction site produces large amounts of trash and debris from old boards to chunks of concrete. These items can’t just be thrown out the way we discard our weekly trash. Commercial junk removal offers a better solution. A construction company can simply call and have the entire site cleared of numerous items including:

  • Old sheetrock
  • Lumber
  • Paper bags
  • Glass
  • Bricks
  • Tree stumps
  • Salvaged plumbing fixtures
  • Old doors and windows

Most construction crews are just too busy trying to complete their current project to worry with hauling off all the debris listed above. Many don’t know how to properly dispose of items like gypsum. That’s where commercial junk removal can be such a help. Workers don’t have to spend their precious time messing with it and the construction site is thoroughly cleaned up so that the new homeowners or building owners can begin moving in.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal

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With the big push to “go green”, junk removal companies are constantly searching for new ways to recycle. Waste can be greatly reduced simply by putting a little extra thought into our disposal of many common items. For instance, a number of companies will come out and take old cabinets and plumbing fixtures when a site is being de-constructed or demolished. If cabinets, windows, doors, flooring and other such things can be reused, then it greatly reduces the time, work and resources needed to craft new items. Some people love taking old furniture, doors and windows and giving them a fresh, new look.

Reusable items should be recycled or given to charities. This is good for our environment and it helps reduce our carbon footprint while often helping a needy family. Everyone wins. Commercial junk removal provides a valuable service to each and every community including Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Universal City and Encino.

Mobile Home / Trailer Demolition

Commercial Junk Removal | Trailer Demolition | Go Junk Free AmericaEver wonder what happens to those old, worn out mobile homes that no one wants anymore? Commercial junk removers can come out and break the various parts down and haul them way. Very few people have the resources, tools and capabilities to take apart and haul away a mobile home. In addition to that, professional junk removers will dispose of this stuff properly and ensure that landfills are not contaminated with toxic materials.

Retaining Wall Demolition

Whether for homes or businesses, taking down a retaining wall and carrying away all the debris is not a job that everyone can do. Retaining walls can be difficult to deal with and it’s a dirty job that not many are equipped to do. There may be tree stumps or numerous dead bushes, along with rocks, concrete, bricks and all sorts of unusual debris to dispose of.

Warehouse Cleaning

What could be worse than an old warehouse full of junk that nobody wants? Even the building owner will normally not have the means to clean it out and carry away all the old broken skids, boxes, furniture and fixtures. This is a job for a commercial junk remover.

Whatever the project, a commercial junk removing company in North Hills can be a life saver. You may be moving your whole company or just down-sizing, but a commercial junk removal company is your partner for success. For a very reasonable fee, you can get a building or a yard cleaned out so that you can start fresh. Get a free estimate today.

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