Chronic Hoarding

Chronic Hoarding


Go Junk Free America has the experience and expertise to help remediate chronic hoarding situations. Our uniformed, licensed, and insured staff is on standby to help in your time of need. All of our employees are trained to look for wills, deeds, trusts, legal documents, valuables, family photos, and many other items of financial and emotional value during the removal procedure.

200px-As_seen_on_TV.svgOver 80% of the items we pick up are recycled or reused. We are the industry leaders. This can give you or your loved one peace of mind in this emotionally trying time. Larger jobsites are always supervised by a manager and frequently by our founder and president. Our expertise has even been recognized with two appearances on Hoarding: Buried Alive and an article in the LA Times.

Go Junk Free America can stop the city or county from pursuing actions against you in most cases as soon as we are contracted. Our team offers the ability to help you or your loved ones after the clean up. Our partnerships with professionals in other complimentary fields, like professional organizers and mental health professionals can help hoarders get their lives under control. Contact the experts relied on by federal, state, and city governments, as well as businesses and individuals all over our service area.

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