Interesting Facts About Junk Removal Companies

Interesting Facts About Junk Removal Companies


If you’ve ever had a broken down trampoline out in your back yard taking up space that you just had no idea what to do with, then consider junk removal companies. Most of us never even think about hiring someone to come out and remove items like an old hot tub, TV, outdated computer equipment, etc. However, this is the most environmentally responsible way to deal with this problem.

Junk removal companies are often used to haul away construction debris. They have the experience and resources to handle all types of junk removal from old appliances to old cars. Though all companies differ in their services, most do offer free estimates on their services. They are also usually bonded and insured so that you don’t have to worry about safety. Though services vary from state to state, a quick look at the company website will often tell you whether the company provides the services you’re looking for.

Commercial Junk Removal
Businesses often have all types of stuff lying around in everyone’s way that they need to get rid of. It’s not uncommon for the average small business to have several broken desks, some old computer monitors, printers that no longer work, broken chairs and who knows what else. Getting these items out of everyone’s way will help to make the office look better and give you more room to work.

Warehouses often have need of a commercial junk removing company. A company might be leasing a warehouse for several years and then suddenly go out of business. Building owners rarely possess the equipment and people to haul off old printing equipment, air conditioning equipment, old boxes full of useless items and the like. In order to be able to clean out the space and find a new tenant, you’ll need some help from a commercial junk remover.

residential junk rem

Residential Junk Removal
Whether you just have an old piano or a whole garage full of stuff, getting rid of your unneeded items can free up much-needed space and help you start fresh. Most people collect all kinds of stuff without even realizing it. Before you know it, you look up and the car will no longer fit in the garage. Most cities have ordinances about storing old appliances out in the yard, plus this is very unsightly. Your neighbors will complain if they see old stoves and computer monitors lying around the yard.

Mattresses are another item that most homeowners find very difficult to get rid of. Even if it’s still got a little life in it, very few people will buy older, used mattresses. From broken down furniture to non-working hot tubs, the work involved in renting a truck and talking friends into helping you just isn’t realistic.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
This is a statement we all hear more and more. Everyone is interested in how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Most of us realize how important this is but just don’t know how to start. Here are a few interesting statistics for you to ponder:

Junk Mail: The energy used to create, deliver and get rid of junk mail generates an extraordinary amount of greenhouse gas emissions … more than 2.8 million cars produce.

The Internet: The energy required to power computers and communications networks is predicted to double by the year 2020.

Transportation: Nearly 30% of the difference between good gas mileage and poor is due to our driving habits. Americans could save more than a ton of CO2 annually by driving the speed limit, and gradually accelerating. Sudden starts and stops require more gas.

Responsible Junk Removal
Disposing of junk in the proper manner is another great idea for reducing our carbon footprint. Too many Americans still throw away items that are bad for the environment like lithium batteries, computers, monitors, and old TV’s. Once these items wind up in a landfill, the soil and water nearby is tainted and adversely affected.

Junk removal companies do a lot more than just hauling off your broken trampoline. They help to protect our natural resources and ensure a healthy planet for our grandchildren. If even half of all Americans would dispose of their old appliances and junk in a responsible manner, just think of the impact it would make on our air and water quality.

When you take into consideration the time and work it requires for you to do it yourself, hiring a professional junk removal company makes a lot of sense.

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