Is E-Waste in Los Angeles a Problem?

Is E-Waste in Los Angeles a Problem?

E-Waste is a term that refers to electronic waste that needs to go through a proper disposal process for the protection of those at waste plant facilities and the environment. Anything that plugs in or uses batteries can create health hazards if tossed without a care.

With technology advancing at an increasing rate, the amount of E-Waste seems to increase with it, posing even greater risks. Fortunately, there is a green solution to E-Waste: Go Junk Free America!

E-Waste Los Angeles in a dumpster

How Professionals Like Go Junk Free America Can Help

A junk removal company is the best way to safely remove E-Waste. When you call Go Junk Free America, you will be working with the greenest professionals in the industry to help dispose of products in an eco-friendly way that prevent lead, copper and other metals from harming the environment. There are small steps you can take to properly dispose of things like batteries, but sometimes it’s necessary for certified professionals to come in and dispose of bulkier items for you.

In some cases, E-Waste piles up in your home, taking up unnecessary space. Living in the age of technology is convenient, but each digital update comes with a necessary, physical one. Go Junk Free America can properly dispose of your accumulating, outdated technology, and get it to non-profit organizations or thrift stores that could benefit from it instead.

Going E-Waste Free

Do you have excess electronics like computers, stereos or VCRs that you need to get rid of? Call Go Junk Free America today at (877) 465-8653! We reuse or recycle 80% of the items we pick up in our mission to reduce our carbon footprint. Go Junk Free America is a certified company you can trust to help you, others and the environment to make the world greener and cleaner!

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