Junk Removal in Brentwood

Junk Removal in Brentwood

Formerly a rural farming community, Brentwood has become an important suburban town in the East Bay region, boasting a 121% population increase between 2000 and the last census in 2010. Although agricultural products, such as cherries, corn, and peaches remain important to its economy, an increasing number of people who live in Brentwood commute to larger cities for work.

With this increased commute time comes less time to devote to other areas of life, such as family, community activities, and recreation. This is one reason why many residents in Brentwood choose to hire others to do laborious tasks such as junk removal and debris cleanup, so they can devote their time to their family and friends.

Junk Removal in Brentwood | Go Junk Free America

How Go Junk Free Can Help

Small communities like Brentwood may not have a local junk removal company, but Go Junk Free America stands ready to travel from nearby Los Angeles at no additional cost! Not only will we travel, but we will also schedule a time to arrive that works for you and that holds us accountable for our punctuality. You’ll never have to wait for us to arrive somewhere within a 2-3 hour window like some companies ask you to do! We know that you have other priorities – that’s why you’ve called us.

What Junk Do We Haul?

We have one of the most comprehensive junk removal programs in existence, taking specialty items such as electronic waste, spas and hot tubs, trailers, and other items that cannot go in the regular trash. We also remove appliances, furniture, household and office junk, mattresses, tires and rims, yard clippings, concrete, bricks, dirt, sand, shingles, and other assorted construction and landscaping debris.

Is an item you want removed too big or bulky to fit neatly in our truck? We can also cut it apart for you for a quick, easy, and clean removal.

Junk Removal in Brentwood | Go Junk Free America

Why Go Junk Free

Brentwood was built upon agriculture – one of the benefits of a clean and healthy earth. We’re committed to protecting that earth through being America’s greenest junk removal service. We recycle or reuse over 85% of what we pick up, meaning most of what you throw away will never see a landfill. Unlike the trash man, we don’t require you to sort and categorize it in advance. We go through the items ourselves to salvage every usable piece.

In addition, we also use business cards and clipboards made from recycled materials, low-VOC paint on our oversized trucks, and use hybrid and energy-saving vehicles as much as possible. When you choose Go Junk Free, you not only choose the best value for you, you also choose the best value for your environment.

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