Junk Removal in Glendale

Junk Removal in Glendale

Some of the most magical moments in American animation have come from Glendale, which was the headquarters for the Walt Disney Animation Studios during its golden years and remains the center of Disney Interactive, The Muppets Studio, and Marvel Animation Studios, as well as DreamWorks Animation. But in spite of its glamor and creative history, junk remains a prosaic part of everyday life.

That’s why Go Junk Free services this creative city, bringing a bit of magic of its own. With no more effort than it takes to make a phone call, backlots, businesses and residents can make their junk disappear and may even see their plastic pumpkins turn into recycled coaches.

Junk Removal in Glendale | Go Junk Free America

How We Help

Glendale is a city built around innovation and creativity. Both of these take time, which is why Go Junk Free takes care of all the details for you, so you can have as much of it as possible. We are available for large and small jobs from removing a garage full of junk to performing whole-house cleanouts. We also do special projects such as trailer, hot tub and spa removal, and light demolition, including stripping rooms down to the studs for remodeling and/or removing the construction debris once remodeling is complete.

We not only save you time by providing the labor to collect and haul away the junk, but we also save you time sorting recyclables from non-recyclables. While your municipal trash collector requires you to divide these different categories into different bins, we remove it all with no prior work on your part and sort it after we leave your site. We also take things the trashmen won’t, such as e-waste, which must be hand-delivered to a recycling or collection facility.

Another large time-saver is our commitment to being on time. Unlike some other collectors, who give you a two-hour (or longer) window in which they will arrive, we schedule a firm time with you so you don’t have to sit and wait for us. If we’re running a little late, we’ll call in advance, so you never have to wonder where we are.

What We Haul

We haul almost any kind of junk, including recyclables, appliances, furniture, spas and hot tubs, house and office junk, mattresses, tires and rims, green waste, concrete, bricks, stones, dirt, sand, and other construction and landscaping debris. We are also registered e-waste collectors, which means we can take your old computers, televisions, gaming equipment, cell phones, fax machines, and other electronic devices.

Junk Removal in Glendale | Go Junk Free America

Why Us?

Go Junk Free is not the only junk removal service to frequent Glendale, but we believe we’re one of the best. Why? Because in addition to the ways we save you time and energy, we also help save you money through our super-sized trucks, which means we can haul more junk with fewer loads. Since we charge a flat rate according to how much space your junk takes up in our truck, this can add up to considerable savings for you.

We also help save the environment by striving to be America’s greenest junk removal service. We recycle or reuse over 85% of everything you pick up, which means you can get rid of your junk without the guilt of contributing to a growing junkyard outside of town. We also use hybrid and high-capacity trucks painted with low-VOC paint and equip our crew with recycled business cards and clipboards. By helping you to save these three most important things – time, money, and the environment – we believe we’re by far the best crew for your job.

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