Junk Removal in Tarzana

Junk Removal in Tarzana

Los Angeles’ history and style runs deep in Tarzana. Once the personal ranch of famed author Edgar Rice Burroughs, theJunk Removal in Tarzana | Go Junk Free America neighborhood was later subdivided and named after his storybook hero Tarzan. Now far from the jungle, Tarzana remains mostly residential with some rather large homes (and thus large collections of junk).

Everybody has junk, so you may be asking yourself why do I need to hire a company that specializes in junk removal? It’s simple. We’ve been servicing the Los Angeles area for years and have built up a strong reputation with the best reviews in the business. We know junk. We know how to demo it, haul it, and safely get rid of it so you don’t have to worry about it. We offer a convenient, safe solution to help you clean up your Tarzana spaces. Did we mention we have the best prices, guaranteed?*

How does it work?

It all starts with a phone call or appointment (you can even make those online). Select a day and time that works for you – an exact time, not a window for you to wait around for us. Our clean cut team will arrive on time and assess your junk situation. We’ll give you a highly competitive estimate to get to work right on the spot. You can give us the go ahead, or simply say no thanks if you’re not ready to make the decision. No thanks costs no money.

Yes, Handle My Junk!

If you’re ready to clear out your home or business, we’re ready to handle your junk. With our full-service hauling we’ll do it all – light demolition for anything that needs to be taken apart (like a hot tub or cabinets), hauling, loading in our truck or dumpster, and removing it all from your sight. Typical junk removal requests include the following, but we can likely handle just about any junk you can throw our way:

  • Trailers
  • Spas & hot tubs
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Construction debris
  • Concrete
  • Sand & dirt
  • Landscaping, such as branches, leaves and rocks
  • Tires & rims
  • Household & office junk

If you want to handle your own junk but need a mode of transport, you can simply rent one of our green dumpsters. Likewise, if you have a mode of transport but need some labor to move furniture, load a storage unit, unload a moving truck, or get anything from point A to point B, we can dedicate a labor team to your tasks.

Where Does the Junk Go?

Junk Removal in Tarzana | Go Junk Free AmericaWe pride ourselves on being “America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service,” which refers not just to how we handle the junk, but also how we handle our business. Over 80% of the junk we collect is reused or recycled in many different ways. Anything in good condition that can be salvaged will be donated to local charities. We’re also registered e–waste collectors. So add all those old televisions, computers, VCRs, video game consoles, cell phones and batteries to your junk list. We know how to safely dispose of electronics without adding them to the landfill (which they’re banned from, by the way).

Why Go Junk Free?

As we mentioned, we’re proud of being green and being a responsible, productive member of the Tarzana community. With all the junk we see, we don’t want to see our own pile up, too. Our trucks are specially equipped to be up to 34% larger and more efficient than competitors’ trucks. Making bigger and fewer trips reduces emissions and our carbon footprint. We print our business cards on recycled paper with soy ink. We use recycled aluminum clipboards. We wear recycled polyester uniforms and caps. It’s our responsibility to keep it clean and green!

Go Junk Free America!

We make going junk free easy.

Call us at (877) 465-8653 to get started, or make your convenient appointment online: https://www.gojunkfree.com/book-online.

We not only serve the Tarzana area, but all of Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties. We can bring back peace, order and space to your property!

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