Junk Removal in North Hollywood

Junk Removal in North Hollywood

North Hollywood, or “NoHo,” as it is known to many of its residents, is a town known for its media and art centers. With theaters, art galleries, and even the Television Academy gracing its hills, it’s easy for outsiders to forget that art can be messy, and so can life.

But as its residents know, junk happens, and sometimes you need a solution that goes beyond regular garbage collection. North Hollywood is served by the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, which provides a 60-gallon trash bin free of charge, with any additional containers subject to an additional fee and sometimes a 6-month contract. If you have large quantities of junk, this arrangement may not be feasible.

 Junk Removal in North Hollywood | Go Junk Free America

Go Junk Free: NoHo’s Junk Solution


That’s where we come in. Go Junk Free America supplements your regular trash removal by not only taking, but also collecting, sorting, and recycling your junk. We haul away objects as large as grand pianos, trailers, hot tubs, and spas, and as small as your everyday office junk. If you need it taken away, chances are good that we can handle it! Here is a sampling of some of the things we accept:

Go Junk Free distinguishes itself among North Hollywood’s other junk removal services by its transparent pricing, punctuality, focus on customer service, and commitment to the environment.


How We Price


If you have junk that needs collected and hauled away, we charge only according to the amount of room it takes up in our truck (plus a small surcharge for tires and large, heavy objects, such as pianos and extra-large refrigerators). There will never be any hidden fees or surprise charges at the end.

Not only are our fees all-inclusive of our travel time, labor, and sorting, but we also give you a firm estimate when we actually see your junk for ourselves. At that time, you have the opportunity to say “yes” or “no,” and if the answer is no, you owe nothing – not even for our trip to your home or business.

If you need a little bit more than a junk pickup, however, we do that too! We offer labor and light demolition services to get your junk into a removable form. For example, we can cut apart old trailers, hot tubs, or spas, which are too large or heavy to remove intact. We can also strip a room down to its studs, removing drywall, ceiling tiles, and large furnishings such as cubicles, islands, cabinets, etc. before we haul it away. These labor services, just like our regular junk removal, are always quoted once we see the scope of your project, so you are never surprised by your bill at the end.


How We Work

Unlike some other junk removal services, which take up your time waiting during a 2-3 hour window, we set an exact arrival time and are committed to punctuality. If something unforeseen causes us to run behind schedule, we will call you and let you know.

Once we arrive, we treat your house as if it were our home, with extra care, watching the walls and other furnishings as we remove your junk and clean up our area before we leave. We also arrive uniformed, so you never have to guess who we are or feel uncomfortable allowing a stranger into your home.

 Junk Removal in North Hollywood | Go Junk Free America

Our Green Commitment

We not only haul your junk and debris away, but we also do our best to put as little of it in the landfill as possible. We routinely recycle or reuse 85% of what we pick up, donating gently-used items to charities, schools, or youth organizations, while the rest of it gets sorted and taken to recycling centers. Only a small portion of your trash actually ends up as trash.

We also help the environment by using recycled items ourselves, such as uniforms, caps, business cards, and clipboards made from recycled materials. Our trucks include some of the most environmentally-friendly models in their class and we use extra-large beds to make sure as few trucks are put on the road as possible.


Go Junk Free – NoHo’s Junk Solution

In short, we believe you won’t find a fairer, more skilled, or more eco-friendly service anywhere in North Hollywood. If you have questions about a potential junk removal or would like to schedule a pickup, call us today at 1-877-465-8653 or book us online. We look forward to helping you remove the junk from your life!

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