Los Angeles E-Waste Removal

Los Angeles E-Waste Removal

Los Angeles E-Waste Removal | Go Junk Free AmericaTechnology is constantly changing and evolving. It seems like computers and cell phones don’t last more than a few years anymore without becoming smaller, lighter and more functional. Keeping up with new technology and electronics is challenging enough, but what do you do with your old electronics that you’ve recently replaced? Electronics are unique in that you can’t just throw them in the dumpster with your other garbage, as the components can contaminate landfills and harm the environment. So who do you call for Los Angeles e-waste removal? Go Junk Free America, of course!

What is E-Waste?

The term e-waste may be new to you, so let’s go over what e-waste means and what products fall under the e-waste category. In its simplest definition, e-waste describes discarded electronic devices or electronics that will be reused, resold, salvaged, recycled or just disposed of. E-waste includes everything electronic, from cell phones and computers to office equipment like fax machines and printers, to appliances including refrigerators, televisions and VCRs. If it plugs in or uses batteries, it’s likely e-waste.

What Does it Mean to be E-Waste Certified?

E-waste collection and certification is necessary because electronics can contain harmful components and chemicals that when dumped or traditionally recycled, can be dangerous for workers in recycling plants and for our landfills. For example, cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in televisions and computers contain glass with lead, a known toxic substance. When you need to discard old electronics, it’s important to select a certified e-waste collector like Go Junk Free America because these companies know where the electronics can be recycled safely. Throwing electronics out in the trash is bad for everyone and we strive to help reduce our impact on the environment.

In fact, Go Junk Free America is “America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service.” Not only are we certified e-waste collectors, but we recycle or reuse over 80% of all junk we haul away. Sometimes this means giving new life to outdated but still functional electronics, such as donating to a non-profit organization or a local thrift store, and sometimes that means taking electronics to our certified recycling partners. We practice being environmentally friendly every day on every project. Our uniforms are made from recycled polyester, our business cards and clipboards are made from recycled paper products, and our hybrid trucks are over 30% larger than the average junk hauler truck, meaning less trips and fuel usage.

Go E-Waste Free

Do you have televisions, cell phones, computers, or any other electronic that you need to get rid of? Call Go Junk Free America today at (877) 465-8653. We’ll haul away your e-waste and make sure it gets recycled or disposed of properly. We’ll convenient come to you to pick up your e-waste at a convenient time, not within a three hour window. If you’re not satisfied with the cost estimate we provide, we’ll simply go on our way. If you’re confident in our guaranteed* lowest prices, we’ll take your e-waste right then and there. With more five-star reviews on more consumer review sites than any other competitor, Go Junk Free America is the number resource for Los Angeles e-waste removal!

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