Junk Removal for Hoarders

Los Angeles Junk Removal for Hoarders

We all like to keep mementos from our lives, live clothes we may not wear anymore, high school yearbooks that we don’t look at, and old books we may never read again. But then there are people who keep everything, whether the items have meaning or are just piles adding to the stash. HoardingLA Junk Removal | Hoarders | Go Junk Free America is a condition of disorganization and accumulation that can take over a person’s life while affecting their relationships with family and friends. Go Junk Free America can help with step one on the road to a more organized life: junk removal for hoarders.

Understanding Hoarding

It may be hard to understand why some people become hoarders, but it may help to know the major components and how someone can reverse a hoarding situation. There are three major components to hoarding. First, someone acquires possessions compulsively through constantly buying or collecting items. These could be bought from Target or at a yard sale, or through the massive number of online retailers. With all the options, shopping is easier than ever now. Then the person saves all the items, viewing them as possessions and thus not wanting to discard them. And then the person struggles to organize and maintain their household and their life as the possessions take over space and create stress.

Helping Hoarding

Even though a hoarder may realize he or she has a problem, it can be hard to take the first step in getting rid of some of the possessions. They have a hard time making the decisions as to what stays and what goes, and he or she may think that something bad could happen with the wrong decision. Another issue for hoarders is that they do not want to create waste by giving up their items, which is how Go Junk Free America can help. Our crew can come in and help the hoarder separate items, then haul the unwanted junk away to be reused and recycled. Thus no waste is created and the hoarder can feel better about discarding items if they know other people could get more use out of them.

If you are in a hoarding situation or want to help a family member or friend with a hoarding problem, GO Junk Free America can assist with junk removal for hoarders. Just call (877) 465-8653 for a free estimate or book your appointment online. We guarantee* the lowest prices in the Los Angeles, Hollywood, Brentwood and Belair areas!


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