Junk Removal for Home Cleanouts

Los Angeles Junk Removal for Home Cleanouts

If you need to clean out an entire space in your home or office, or your entire property, Go Junk Free American can help you get the job done. With junk removal for home cleanouts, we make the job much easier and more efficient, saving you time, effort and stress.

Los Angeles Home Junk Removal | LA Go Junk Free AmericaWhen you request junk removal for a home cleanout, our crew will arrive on time (not in a three to four-hour window), provide you with a free estimate, and will be ready to work right away if you choose to accept the estimate. We start by hauling the items out of the space, then clean out the space so it’s ready for the new items or tenants.

The Junk Removal Process

When we remove junk, we first filter through the items and separate them into items that can be donated and reused, items that can be recycled, any electronic or e-waste, and anything that needs special disposal. We work to reuse or recycle over 80% of all the junk we haul, so you never have to worry about clogging up landfills or creating waste. Many items that are donated for reuse stay within local organizations and the community. If you have a specific organization you want to donate to, we can do that, too.

Once the junk is sorted, we load it up in our large hybrid trucks and haul it off. Nothing left for you to do except enjoy the open and clean space! Our services are great for apartment and townhouse cleanouts before a new tenant moves in, new office space cleanouts to make sure the area is ready for your own furniture and equipment, basement or attic cleanouts for family members downsizing or moving into assisted care, garage and warehouse cleanouts and storage unit cleanouts.

With our labor services and trailer rental options, Go Junk Free America is your one call for junk removal for home cleanouts. Call (877) 465-8653 today to schedule your free estimate and prepare to send your junk packing as you clear space for the next chapter!

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