Los Angeles Yard Waste Removal

Los Angeles Yard Waste Removal

Los Angeles Yard Waste Removal | Go Junk Free AmericaWith the warm temperatures and periodic southern California storms, our landscaping and yards don’t always look the way we envisioned them. Maybe a drought causes a few plants to dry out and the grass to turn yellow, or some heavy Santa Ana winds blow over a large tree. Whatever the case may be, when your yard needs some TLC we can help. While America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb, we can help collect and remove your Los Angeles yard waste.

Yard Overhaul

By choice or by nature, sometimes yards need an overhaul. Depending on the size of the yard and the project, all that yard waste can’t fit in an average trash or lawn waste bin. Go Junk Free America specializes in hauling away junk, including from the yard. We can remove large trees, bags of leaves and weeds, or even move cacti. We also specialize in spa and hot tub removal. We can break it down and recycle parts while getting it out of your way. With our help your yard will be cleared quickly and ready for the remodel!

Green Hands

One way we can help with your yard work is by actually doing some of it for you. We do more than just haul junk and drive it off into the sunset. We also offer labor only services. If you can use some extra hands, we can help unload trees and plants off of trucks and trailers, place vegetation in the yard, move bags of soil and sand and stack pavers. This can be especially helpful if we’re already on-site to remove yard waste and debris.

It’s a Process

Sometimes projects don’t go as planned or you know you’ll be working on them for days or weeks. We also offer a rented trailer option for you to collect and dump your own yard waste as you work. We’ll deliver and place the trailer when and where you’d like. Then just work at your own pace and fill the trailers with all your trees, plants, flowers, grass and weeds. When it’s full or you’re done, call for a pickup. We know yard work can be a process, but hopefully our trailer rental can make it a little easier.

Go Junk Free in Your Yard

Go Junk Free America is not only the greenest junk removal service in America, but we have the guaranteed* lowest prices in the Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Culver City and Brentwood areas. Why stop with Los Angeles yard waste removal? We also haul and remove appliances, construction debris, RVs, trailers and general junk. And we’re certified e-waste collectors, so we can take your old television, computers, cell phones and batteries. As with all junk we remove, we make sure the electronics are recycled and disposed of properly, keeping it out of landfills. In fact, we recycle 80% of everything we remove.

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