What Can I Do with My Old Refrigerator

What Can I Do with My Old Refrigerator

Refrigerators have come a long way in the last few years, let alone in the last few decades. Have you seen the newer models that have televisions in the door, or cameras inside the fridge that you can access anywhere, like while you’re shopping at the grocery store? No more missed eggs or milk! But when you’re upgrading your tired old appliances, have you ever wondered, what can I do with my old refrigerator?

The Easy Answer

Go Junk Free America is the easy answer to what to do with your old appliances. No matter if the appliances are working or not, we’ll take them away. Simply call or schedule an appointment online. We’ll setup a time to meet with you to give you a free junk hauling estimate that you can accept on the spot and get the fridge out the door, or you can choose to wait and shop around. And we don’t mean a three-hour window in which we arrive hours after. We’ll be prompt and professional.

Calling Go Junk Free America is the smart solution to the “what can I do with my old refrigerator” question. Because we are America’s greenest junk removal company, you know that your refrigerator and other appliances will be reused or recycled whenever possible. Isn’t it great to know that your junk won’t end up as pure trash? If you’re interested in junk hauling, dumpster rental, or an extra set of hands to help with your next home project, call us at (877) 465-8653.  We guarantee* our prices and are proud to serve the Los Angeles, Belair, Brentwood, Hollywood, Hancock Park and Burbank areas.

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