Professional Commercial Junk Removal in Los Angeles

Professional Commercial Junk Removal in Los Angeles

Commercial junk removal is unique to businesses.  Are you renovating your business? Getting rid of old inventory, office furniture, or other office or business “junk” you don’t need? What are you going to do with all that junk, haul it to the dump yourself? Of course not. You have a business to run and you can’t tie up your employees or risk getting them injured doing something they are not trained or prepared to do. Use professional junk removers like Go Junk Free America.

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Los Angeles is a major metropolitan area and removing junk in a bustling area requires knowledge of the locale to get your junk moved out quickly and professionally. Go Junk Free America is a company that has served the LA community for many years.  We can haul everything away quickly, so you can focus on your business.

Choosing the Right Service in Los Angeles

Here are signs of an excellent commercial junk removal company.

• Customer Service
Are they easy to contact? Do they have multiple contact methods? (Phone, email, contact form) Do they answer the phone? Are they friendly and helpful?

• Capabilities
Do they have the equipment and personnel needed for your project? Bigger trucks, more of them, and a large, experienced team get the job done faster. Do they have the experience to create an efficient removal plan?

• Pricing
Your junk removal company should be able to give you an estimate based on how much junk you need to remove. Some companies offer price matching.

• Professionalism
These companies haul your junk away and so deal with some big messes. But in spite of this, the trucks should be relatively clean and well maintained. The employees should be clean and professional, with a helpful attitude. The cleanliness of a company’s facilities and equipment and employees’ professionalism reflect company standards.

• Insurance
For your protection, only hire junk removal companies that are insured! Someone getting injured on your property or destroying your property without insurance could turn into a costly nightmare for you and your company.

• Recycling Policy
Check the recycling policy of the company you’re considering. Some companies take your junk to the dump, where it becomes a hazard to the environment. Other companies recycle everything they can, which helps the environment and gives your junk new life.

Many businesses need to get rid of electronics, which must be disposed of properly. Look for companies that are certified, e-waste collectors. They know how to handle, recycle, and dispose of electronics safely.

• Reputation
A great way to find an excellent company is to look up reviews and customer testimonials. See what customers say and what they liked and didn’t like about the company.

The Top-Rated Professional Commercial Junk Removal in Los Angeles

When you need professional commercial junk removal in Los Angeles, trust Go Junk Free America. Go Junk Free America is the top-rated junk removal service on Yelp. We know you don’t have all day to wait around, so instead of giving a 3-hour arrival window, we tell you exactly when we’ll be there and arrive on time.

We recycle over 80% of what we collect and donate useable items to charity. We are certified e-waste collectors and can remove electronics and anything else you have.

Our trucks are 34% larger and can haul two times the weight of our competitors – and our employees are clean and professional.
We also guarantee the lowest price!

Call 323-633-0610 today, or book online for the greenest, cleanest junk removal service in America.

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