Sherman Oaks Junk Removal

The affluent neighborhood of Sherman Oaks is serviced by the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation. As such, it receives the standard city-approved containers for trash, recyclables, and green waste – however, these bins are often insufficient when facing large amounts of junk that have accumulated over the years, or when remodeling, landscaping, disposing of large items such as spas, and hot-tubs, or when needing to dispose of electronic or hazardous items.

Sherman Oaks Junk Removal | Go Junk Free AmericaIn cases such as these, the municipal resources need reinforcements. Go Junk Free America is proud to be one of those reinforcements, serving Sherman Oaks and all of the Greater Los Angeles area. We take things that your trash men won’t, including:

  • Large piles of junk

We can not only haul huge truckloads of junk away in a single trip, but there’s no need to collect it and put it at the curb for us. We can come straight into your home, garage, or backyard, collect the junk and load it into the truck. This includes whole-house cleanouts for people who suffer from chronic hoarding, OCD, and other types of disorders that result in homes that are unusable or unsafe because of the amount of accumulated junk.

  • Landscaping materials

We haul away truckloads of stone, gravel, asphalt, concrete, dirt, sand, and other landscaping materials that are left over from your project, leaving your yard beautiful.

  • Construction materials

We work with residential and commercial construction companies to haul away drywall, boards, nails, metal, and other materials that cannot or should not go into the regular trash. If your project warrants it, we can come and remove the junk for you, or you can rent one of our large dumpsters and we will pick it up when you’re finished with it.

  • Cabinets and appliancesSherman Oaks Junk Removal | Go Junk Free America

If you’re remodeling and are not sure what to do with your old cabinets and appliances, let us take them away for you. We will not only get them out of your way, but donate pieces that are still in good condition to charities that can use them.

  • Spas and hot tubs

We remove spas and hot tubs of all sizes, including those that cannot fit through your gate or door. When possible, we donate working models to charities that can use them, and recycle all available materials from non-working models.

  • E-Waste

Electronic waste – or “e-waste” – cannot go in the regular trash because of components that are toxic to the environment. However, we can take and properly dispose of all of these components, such as computer monitors, TVs, laptops, cell phones, DVD players, stereo sets, and more.

If you live in Sherman Oaks and are facing a pile of junk that cannot go in the trash, we invite you to contact us at 1-877-465-8653 or (323) 633-0610. We can handle all of your junk needs.

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