Should I Throw My Junk Away Or Donate It?

Should I Throw My Junk Away Or Donate It?

When you’re going through your stuff to try and declutter your house, it can be hard to decide whether or not that item should be donated or just thrown out. Most of the stuff you have accumulated means something to you or it held special meaning for a time passed, but decluttering is all about a fresh new start. Sometimes it can be a real challenge deciding what to do with your stuff. Some people can’t even continue the removal process because parting with the stuff becomes too much to deal with. You just have to breathe and continue your work until you are satisfied with the amount of stuff you have removed from your home. So should you throw your junk away or donate it?

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Throwing Your Junk Away vs. Donating It

The first thing to consider when deciding what to do with your junk is: is that item still useable? Now remember, you aren’t deciding if it’s still useable for you; you are deciding if it’s still useable for someone else. Can someone else still get something from using that item? If the answer is yes, DONATION! Donating can help a lot of people who are in need, and Go Junk Free America donates 80% of the items we pick up to charities. When you choose us to physically remove your junk, you know your donatable items are going to a good cause.

If you are combing through years of collection because you are confronting a hoarding problem, the decision to donate or throw away your junk makes the process 10 times harder. That indecision can halt the process and most likely you’ll want to forget about getting rid of any of your junk. Don’t let indecision stop you from having your new beginning. Just put all your junk in a bag and throw it out. Let it go. If you can focus on what to throw away and what to donate, donate as much as you can. But some people find it easier to just throw things away. For people who aren’t facing a hoarding problem and have just accumulated stuff over time, throw things out if they can’t be used by someone else.

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