Spa & Hot Tub Removal Companies

Spa & Hot Tub Removal Companies

Spa & Hot Tub Removal Company | Go Junk Free America!While hot tubs and spas can be a luxury, old and unused tubs can also be eyesores that take up needless space in your backyard or on your patio. If you have a unit – working or not – that you don’t use anymore, let us haul it away for you and give you back your space.

Our company specializes in removing even large tubs from awkward spaces, such as those in upper-story rooms, balconies, and small, fenced yards where the tub cannot pass through the gate. While other junk removal companies may claim to provide this service, we’re convinced that you won’t find anyone who can top our skills or rates. In addition to removing your spa safely and efficiently we also offer:

Firm estimates:

While we may offer you a preliminary estimate over the phone, our final estimate always comes once we arrive on-site and see your situation first-hand. If you don’t like our quote, you owe us nothing for the trip or assessment. We don’t take a dime unless you give us the job.

Best rates:

We calculate the price to haul away your spa based on the amount of room it takes up in our truck – and with our oversized beds (up to 34% larger than our competitors’) and our lowest price guarantee* (with a written competitor’s estimate), you can be assured you’re getting the absolute best deal available.

Exact Appointment Times:

We respect your time and never ask you to block hours out of your day when we aren’t there. We give you an appointment – not a window of time during which we may or may not arrive.

Spa & Hot Tub Removal Companies | Go Junk Free America!

Courteous and Skilled Crews:

Our workers come with manners as well as tools! We promise to respect you and your property while removing your spa or hot tub quickly and efficiently. And we’re not finished until the area is completely clean.

Green Guarantees:

We recycle or reuse over 80% of what we pick up at no extra cost to you. Any components of your hot tub or spa that can be recycled or reused are preserved, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re in the greenest hands around.

Call Now: (877) 465-8653

So if you have a hot tub or spa that is taking up space, call the greenest and friendliest removal company in town at 1-877-465-8653 or book us online. We look forward to serving you.

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