Start The New Year Right by Decluttering

Start The New Year Right by Decluttering

With the start of the new year comes new adventures and new possibilities. Why would you want old junk holding you back? This time of year is perfect for cleaning out garages, closets, yards and storage units to make room for the good times ahead.

Los Angeles Decluttering Service | Go Junk Free AmericaOnce you’ve put all the holiday decorations away and gotten back to your old routine, you may still be bogged down by stuff of the past. And we do mean physical stuff, like appliances that don’t work and cell phones from 10 years ago. Why not start the new year by decluttering, and let Go Junk Free America help?

With our e-waste certification we can haul away old office equipment like computers and printers, old television sets, cell phones, laptops, coffee makers… pretty much anything that runs on batteries or a power cord. This is especially helpful if you received any replacements of these items over the holidays. And if your resolution was to be more environmentally friendly, know that we recycle 80% of what we haul away and are responsible with where it goes.

Start Clean

Maybe your new year resolution was to de-stress more, or clear the non-important things from your life. Starting the year clean is a great idea. But before you can determine what can stay and what needs to go, you may need help moving things around or a trailer to dump trash and junk into. We have labor services that can lend a hand and a trailer rental that you can keep on your property however long you need. Don’t stress and strain over a day or weekend to get everything done, take your time and do it right with some help.

Kickstart the new year by calling (877) 465-8653 to get rid of that old hot tub, recreational vehicle, boxes of junk or anything else holding you back. Make room for a new car, surfboard, kayak or even a dog run and make 2016 your year!

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