Time to Get Rid of Old Hot Tub or Spa

Time to Get Rid of Old Hot Tub or Spa


Getting rid of large items like a hot tub or spa is more hassle than it’s worth. Most people don’t have the tools needed to disassemble the items or a vehicle large enough to haul them away. In fact, an average hot tub weighs over 800 pounds–not something most people will be able to remove on their own!

Time to Get Rid of Old Hot Tub or Spa

But leaving an unsightly or broken hot tub in your backyard isn’t just unattractive–it could be dangerous. From unexpected leaks to breeding grounds for all sorts of creatures who like the damp, letting a hot tub sit around is a bad idea. Plus, it takes up usable space that you probably have a million ideas for.

That’s why customers call Go Junk Free. We disassemble and remove bulky items to save you from the hard work of trying to fit pieces of your hot tub in the back of your compact.

Spa Removal Process

Go Junk Free’s spa removal process is simple and made to get your space cleaned up quickly. When getting rid of a spa or hot tub, it needs to be drained of water. Go Junk Free is happy to take care of this step as well, which may be an unpleasant task depending on how long the spa sat for.

We then disassemble the spa and remove the pieces. Tub sections may need to be cut for removal, which requires special tools. Piping and electrical must be safely disconnected. Hiring Go Junk Free makes sure that each of these steps is completed correctly.

Hot Tub Removal Price

No matter the condition or size of your spa or hot tub, our price is all-inclusive. You can feel confident that you’ve gotten the lowest price on this big job thanks to our guarantee.

Environmental Impact

Like getting rid of many bulky items, disposing of a hot tub or spa may not leave you with many obvious green options. Unfortunately the acrylic many tub basins are made out of is difficult to recycle and generally ends up in landfills. But that doesn’t mean your spa is a recycling lost cause.

One of the reasons to choose Go Junk Free to dispose of your unwanted or broken hot tub is that we work to recycle or reuse 80% of the items we pick up. Thanks to our familiarity with the local disposal options, we make sure to prevent as much waste as possible from getting dumped in the landfill.

Your hot tub or spa may have several components which can be recycled or reused. These can include metal piping or wood siding. As we disassemble your hot tub for removal we will separate out any recyclable or salvageable materials to reduce the amount of waste headed for the landfill.

Take backspace in your backyard or patio when you get rid of your hot tub with Go Junk Free today. With our industry-leading truck sizes and efficient disposal processes, your space will be free of a defunct spa in no time. To set up a spa removal with Go Junk Free call (323) 633-0610 or 1-877-465-8653.

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