Fall Cleanup and Debris Removal in Glendale, CA

Fall Cleanup and Debris Removal in Glendale, CA

Fall is a great time for outdoor work like yard work and landscaping, remodeling, and other housing projects. In addition to these projects, the change of season itself can bring a lot of yard waste and debris from falling leaves and decaying plant matter. Go Junk Free is a reliable and affordable junk removal company serving Glendale, CA, and the surrounding area. Our expert teams can thoroughly remove all kinds of yard waste and debris that isn’t accepted by your garbage collector.

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Affordable Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste can accumulate from many sources like a landscaping project, fallen leaves, clearing your garden, tree trimmings, or just neglecting your yard a little too long. Go Junk Free will haul it away and have your yard looking beautiful again.

● Sticks and limbs
● Grass clippings
● Leaves
● Garden waste and weeds
● Mulch
● Shrubs and tree trunks
● And more

It is important for yard waste to be disposed of properly. Green waste can clog waterways and storm drains and release methane, which is bad for the environment if it is burned or left to decay.

Municipal garbage collectors may take small quantities of yard waste, but for large projects or bulky materials like limbs, shrubs, and tree trunks, scheduling services with a professional junk removal company is the quickest, most convenient way to remove the waste.

Easily Haul Away Debris

Landscaping projects and home improvement projects often result in bulky, heavy debris that is inconvenient to get rid of. But don’t worry! A professional waste removal company like Go Junk Free can remove both your yard waste and construction debris such as:

● Concrete
● Stone/Brick
● Drywall
● Metal
● Roofing materials
● Dirt, sand, gravel

If you have an old shed or fencing that needs to be removed, Go Junk Free provides labor services, including demolition, in addition to junk removal. We’ll demolish concrete, brick, and other construction materials and haul away the debris so that you can focus on your project.

For longer projects, renting a dumpster is a great option for easy and convenient debris removal. With Go Junk Free you can rent a dumpster, allowing your team to work cleaning at their own pace. We will place the dumpster at your job site wherever you need it, you fill it up, and we’ll haul it away when you’re done.

Yard Waste and Debris Removal with Go Junk Free

Go Junk Free is the greenest junk removal company in the Los Angeles area. We recycle 80% of what we haul away including debris like concrete and brick! Our team of professionals will arrive exactly at your scheduled appointment time to safely and thoroughly remove your yard waste and/or debris.

We have the guaranteed lowest prices on junk removal services. Pricing is based on how much space your junk fills up in the truck and it includes labor, disposal fees, and travel time. We also offer flexible and affordable options for single-item pick-up and dumpster rentals.

If you are looking for convenient and affordable waste removal in the Glendale area, contact Go Junk Free at (877) 465-8653 for a free estimate or to schedule services.

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