Garage or Attic Junk Removal

Garage or Attic Junk Removal

When you moved into your house, you were probably enthralled by all the storage space in the garage or attic. These were the perfect places to stash holiday decorations or seasonal sporting gear without tripping over it all the time. But over the years maybe it became too easy to out-of-sight, out-of-mind store items you didn’t need anymore.

Garage or Attic Junk Removal
If you feel like the situation in your garage or attic has escalated to the point where you don’t even remember what’s in there, it’s time to think about calling in Go Junk Free for some junk removal services.

Our Clean-Out Services

At Go Junk Free, we offer multiple services that can help you tackle your junk no matter where it is stashed. If you want a completely hands-off removal service just tell us where to start and you’ll have an empty storage space again in no time.

During our visit inside your home, we observe a variety of safety measures that keep your property and yourself safe, including following any CDC guidelines for social distancing.

This is why we understand if you’re not looking for a direct removal service but would rather have us pick up junk curbside. If you clean out your garage or attic yourself, we’ll swing by to pick up the items. For large loads, we can even drop off a dumpster rental before you start the clean-out process.

Doing the clean-out yourself can give you more say over what stays and what goes. And then we handle the hard part—getting all that junk to the right disposal place.

Don’t Worry about Waste

Though you may be ready to let go of the items stashed away in your garage or attic without looking back, it may still feel wasteful to simply throw these boxes of usable items away. This highlights one of the many great parts of working with Go Junk Free.

Where other companies may just pitch all of your junk in one dump run, Go Junk Free takes the time to sort your items. Unsalvageable pieces go to the right waste distribution centers, but we still manage to reuse or recycle 80% of the items we remove. This means that you clean out your garage or attic in the most efficient way possible
This even includes electronic waste. If your attic is stashed full with every computer or monitor you’ve ever owned because you just weren’t sure how to dispose of it, Go Junk Free has got you covered. We are registered e-waste collectors and equipped to responsibly dispose of TVs, computers, faxes, phones, game consoles, and more. So get rid of all of that obsolete tech that’s clogging up valuable storage space—we’ll dispose of it the right way.

Ready to clean out your old decorations, sporting goods, or electronics and make space in your garage or attic again? Reach out to Go Junk Free for total haul away services, curbside pickups, or dumpster rentals.

With the lowest price guaranteed, Go Junk Free is the choice for junk removal. Call today at 877-465-8653.

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