Junk Removal for Los Angeles Property Managers and Landlords

Junk Removal for Los Angeles Property Managers and Landlords

It’s been a difficult year to be a property manager or landlord. As you’ve tried to work with the eviction moratorium put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve no doubt come up against some impossible situations.

Junk Removal for Los Angeles Property Managers and Landlords

Notably, some in property management have found themselves in the terrible position of stalled evictions that were underway pre-pandemic. In the year since where they have had little recourse to remove unfit tenants, properties have sustained thousands of dollars in damages.

Now that you may be able to begin moving some problematic tenants on their way, the real work begins of cleaning up and restoring the damage they wrought. That’s where we come in. At Go Junk Free, we provide the junk removal services necessary for Los Angeles property managers and landlords to clean out damaged properties and get restorative construction underway.

From removing left behind belongings to damaged appliances and materials like carpeting, Go Junk Free has the resources to dispose of or recycle your junk. In fact, we recycle and reuse at least 80% of the junk we haul out.

We are familiar with and comply with all Los Angeles area landfill and recycling stipulations. It is our practice to get items where they are going without inconveniencing you.

And speaking of convenience, we have enacted COVID-19-safe policies to keep everyone safe while we are in your property location. Inviting workers in as you attempt to clean should come with the promise that we will not contaminate your space. We are committed to utilizing effective infection prevention policies at your property at all times, including cleaning and social distancing protocols.

After a year without steady cash flow, we know finances might be a bit tight. Cleaning up after a tenant should not put you further behind in profits. That’s why we make our pricing affordable and transparent. Our haul-out services include single-item pickups, dumpster rentals and truckload hauls.

Single-item pickups start at $120 and a two-ton dumpster rent starts at $550 for a week-long stay. Some items, like extra-large refrigerators or tires, will incur a separate fee due to size and disposal requirements.

If you need haul-outs by the truckload, you only pay per section of the truck used. Minimum loads start at $170 and full loads top off at $795. If you require construction material such as concrete to be removed by the truckload, disposal requirements only permit these to be removed in 1’ depth truckloads at full load prices. Please be detailed about construction materials when you contact us about removal for an accurate quote.

We offer free estimates online or over the phone to give you an idea of pricing and a guaranteed price at the time of arrival. If the exact price at the time of arrival exceeds your budget you can send us away with no charge or modify your pickups for that day.

Contact Go Junk Free today to clean up your rental property and begin rebuilding. We can help you protect your investment with safety protocols and affordable haul-out costs. Call us for your free estimate today at (877) 465-8653.

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