Junk Removal Industry Statistics

Junk Removal Industry Statistics

Junk Removal Industry Statistics

Junk removal in the United States shows that while we make a lot of garbage, we’re not very good about finding the right places to put it. On the individual citizen level, this isn’t our fault. Many complicated rules about disposal have been made, and with inconsistencies across municipalities, there is no “typical” trash/recycle process for Americans. Looking at the statistics in depth can reveal ways this can change for the better.

When it comes to solid waste, the U.S. produces 12% of the world’s total, while only making up 4% of the population, according to a report in The Guardian. Even India and China, with vastly larger populations, make proportionately less junk than Americans. Americans’ per capita rate of trash production has doubled in the last 60 years. The U.S. produces about 250 million tons of garbage, of which about 85 million tons could be recycled.

But they’re not. Improving our recycling rates would make a huge difference. As it stands now, Germany is the most efficient recycler, finding new uses for 68% of its waste and junk. Americans recycle about 35% of ours.

While these statistics may paint a bleak portrait about the way junk is trashed or recycled in the United States, it’s only more important to choose green companies like Go Junk Free to dispose of unwanted items. Recycling 80% of what we receive, we at Go Junk Free want to find a new home for workable items, rather than just filling landfills. Even construction items like broken up demo-ed concrete can be repurposed into landscaping material and more.

The know-how and physical abilities to remove large junk are two of the benefits of working with junk removal companies. Thanks to all the junk that needs to be hauled, there are 20,000+ junk removal companies making $75 billion collectively each year. Using a company that can get your junk where it needs to be in the greenest way possible is a great way to improve the trash and recycling statistics in the U.S.

Specializing in green junk removal and guaranteeing the lowest price, Go Junk Free is ready to help you up to your recycling stats and clear out your junk. Whether you have a basement of old toys to toss or a construction site’s demolition remains to transport, Go Junk Free can assist. Call (877) 465-8653 to find out what we can do with your unwanted junk today.

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