Old Or Broken Furniture? Call Go Junk Free!

Old Or Broken Furniture? Call Go Junk Free!

Furniture is an important part of your home. You have beds to sleep in, dressers to hold your things, couches to lounge around in, and chairs for guests to sit in at your parties. Every piece of your furniture has a purpose and you probably spent a decent amount of time selecting furniture that matches your home and overall decor.

Old Or Broken Furniture? Call Go Junk Free!

Choosing furniture can be a fun activity for the whole family, creating memories that last forever. But sometimes, while those memories never fade and are always there, your furniture ages or can become damaged. It’s hard having to part from furniture that has been keeping you comfortable and holding your things, but old or broken furniture can be dangerous, especially if you have young kids in the house. What you need to do is remove those pieces of furniture from your home and there’s no need to fret! Do you have old or broken furniture? Call Go Junk Free!

Large Item Removal

Removing furniture on your own can prove to be a difficult task. Larger furniture items can be bulky and it may be tough trying to get them out of your home. Think about when you first got your furniture and how hard it was getting it into your house and setting it all up. It made you tired.

Now think about doing that again, except this time, you’re not excited about the furniture. Plus, if you can get your furniture out the door, where do you take it? Most of your furniture items are too big to put in the dumpster and you can’t leave it next to the dumpster. So what do you do with your old or broken furniture? You call Go Junk Free and have us remove it for you!

Why Go Junk Free America?

When you simply throw furniture away, there is an environmental impact that you may not be aware of. Harmful chemicals from treated woods can be released into the air or contaminate soil and water. Your furniture can also be made of materials that don’t break down naturally which means they will sit in a landfill for years.

When you call Go Junk Free America to remove your old or broken furniture, not only are you making life easier for yourself and freeing up more of your time, you’re also helping the environment. Our motto is reduce, recycle, and reuse. If we can recycle or reuse junk that we pick up from homes, we do. About 80% of the items we pick up are still in good enough condition to either be donated or recycled into something new.

So get rid of your furniture and help the planet while you’re at it! Call Go Junk Free America today at (323) 633-0610.

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