Orange County Home Landscaping Often Requires Heavy Debris Removal. We Can Handle That.

Orange County Home Landscaping Often Requires Heavy Debris Removal. We Can Handle That.

Landscaping is a transformative experience that can change the look of your outdoor spaces dramatically—but what are you supposed to do with all the junk that you remove? Heavy debris removal can be a challenge.

A landscaping project can leave you with piles of dirt, cut brush, and materials you’re not certain how to transport like post-demolition concrete. When you work with a knowledgeable junk removal company like Go Junk Free, we have the equipment and know-how to remove and dispose of your junk with ease.

Orange County Home Landscaping Often Requires Heavy Debris Removal. We Can Handle That.

Heavy Stone, Dirt, Brick, and Cement

Perhaps you jackhammered out an old cement patio or removed poorly maintained brick walkways. This heavy material is difficult to remove. Similarly, if you needed to remove any dirt to landscaping features, you probably want to get rid of those piles lurking on the side of your nicely redone yard.

The good news is, these types of debris can often be recycled for other types of landscaping. Crushing stone and cement to use as fill is a great way to keep these out of landfills.

As a green junk removal company, Go Junk Free aims to recycle as much of our haul-away as possible. We succeed in doing so with 80% of what we remove, especially construction material that can be repurposed.

You need the right kind of vehicle and an experienced driver to transport large amounts of these materials safely. It’s important to remember, when hiring a truck to remove heavy materials such as stone, dirt, or concrete, that special pricing may apply. Our rules require that we only partially fill our trucks with heavy materials to a 1’ depth. When this reaches 2 tons in weight, charges are similar to a full load of less dense materials.

Brush Removal

If you’ve recently cleared out large sections of the brush during landscaping, don’t try to wrestle it into the back of your car and make multiple trips to the dump to get rid of it. Go Junk Free has better ways to dispose of green waste.

Waste management initiatives in Los Angeles have reduced contributions to landfills. Instead, green waste is diverted for composting or mulching.

New Home Clean Out

If you recently bought a home where the yard seems like it was used as a trash dump by the previous owners, you’re not alone. Hauling out debris from your yard after a home purchase is a great reason to hire junk removal. From rusted metal furniture to dumped tires, Go Junk Free can get your outdoor space in good shape by removing hazardous, broken-down items so you can complete your landscaping projects.

Get that landscaping project finished up before summer when you call Go Junk Free to remove the last of your debris. We offer the lowest price guaranteed to remove your junk in the greenest way possible. Our familiarity with the Los Angeles metropolitan area and Orange County waste disposal regulations and locations streamline the process from beginning to end.

Let us do the heavy lifting in your landscaping haul-away when you call (877) 465-8653 today.

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