Special Care for Proper Disposal in Glendale, CA

Some Items Require Special Care for Proper Disposal in Glendale, CA

Not everything sitting in your garage or basement can just be tossed away in a Glendale, CA landfill. Some items may need special care for proper disposal—particularly if they may be hazardous to move.

If you think you may have degraded or hazardous materials stocked away in your storage space, ask the experts at Go Junk Free to remove them for you.

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Depending on how long it’s been since you last cleaned out your garage or basement, there’s a good chance you might have materials containing mercury in there. Mercury is a silver, liquid element often used in old-style thermometers or older machinery.

Given its neurotoxic profile, it is important to identify it quickly and not handle it without the proper protective equipment. Go Junk Free is equipped to help identify, safely remove and properly dispose of older items that may contain mercury.


If you find a box of old ammunition in your basement, put it down slowly. Chances are, it’s perfectly fine. But there is a possibility that it may be corroded or cracked, which could lead to explosions. Get in touch with professionals who can spot dangers like this as well remove them carefully.


Vehicle batteries, such as something swapped out of an old lawnmower or jetski, often find their way to a high garage shelf, never to be thought of again until the garage must be cleaned out. If these are still encased properly and they have not been exposed to an unusual amount of heat, typically they are safe to move.

However, they will need to be disposed of in the correct battery recycling program, which a junk removal company can help you find.

Caustic or Toxic Chemicals

Whether brought home from job sites or left by repair people, occasionally you might have some caustic or toxic chemical stored in your home. It’s always best to remove these as soon as possible, reducing the risk of contamination. Due to complex dumping laws, it is always best to consult an expert about removing any chemicals labeled as toxic.

Construction Chemicals

Cans of leftover paint or polyurethane coating from your last DIY projects are common materials to find in a basement, shed or garage. They’re also a real pain to get rid of. While not as dangerous as highly toxic chemicals, it is best to remove these sooner or later. Junk removal experts can help you get them to the right kind of recycling and disposal programs.

At Go Junk Free we are always ready to provide the specialized care that some dangerous products require for proper disposal. Reach out to us at 1-877-465-8653 or (323) 633-0610 to schedule a pick-up today.

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