Top Ways to Remove Junk

Top Ways to Remove Junk

Many activities such as moving, spring cleaning, renovating, or clearing out an office can leave you with a ton of junk that you need to remove. But how do you get rid of it? You can’t just put it on the curb for the garbage collector to take. There are several options, but when it comes to saving time, money, and energy calling a professional junk removal service, like Go Junk Free, is the way to go.

ways to remove junk

Options for Getting Rid of Junk

Yard Sale / Donate

A yard sale may seem like a decent way to get rid of junk and make a little money. However, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get rid of all your junk. People are only likely to buy useful or valuable items in good condition. You can donate some of the items, but many charities have guidelines for what they can and cannot accept. Then you’re still left with items you didn’t sell or donate.

Haul it Yourself

If you don’t have too much junk, and you have a truck, hauling your junk to your local landfill is an option. This does require the time and effort of loading the junk into the truck, driving to the landfill, waiting in line, removing and dumping the junk, and paying by weight and type of waste. This option is a lot of effort, and it is bad for the environment.

Rent a Dumpster

If you are working on a long-term project like a home cleanout or renovation, you may want a few days to sort through and get rid of junk. You can rent a dumpster from a local junk removal company. It will be delivered to your location. You fill it on your schedule, and the dumpster will be removed when you’re finished and disposed of properly.

Full-Service Professional Junk Removal

This is the most convenient and efficient way of removing junk. A professional crew will come to your home, office, job site, wherever, and do all the heavy lifting to haul away junk and debris. Professional services will take all kinds of junk, like appliances and large furniture that garbage collection won’t accept. All you have to do is schedule the appointment.

Professional Junk Removal in the Los Angeles Area

At Go Junk Free our junk removal services are an environmentally friendly, professional, and low-cost solution for residential and commercial needs.

We are committed to contributing to a cleaner, more eco-friendly California. That’s why we recycle, reuse, and donate over 80% of the items we pick up! We are also registered e-waste collectors equipped to remove electronics that are banned from landfills.

Our teams remove all your junk including heavy debris like brick and concrete and large items such as hot tubs. Schedule services at your convenience. Our team will thoroughly remove the junk and debris and you only pay for the space your junk fills up in the truck. Go Junk Free also offers single-item pick-up and dumpster rentals.

If you need professional junk removal services in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardino Counties, call Go Junk Free at 877-465-8653.

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