Commercial Junk Removal Companies

Commercial Junk Removal Companies

Individuals are not the only ones that can have a problem with junk. At Go Junk Free America! we know that businesses face it too, sometimes on a much larger scale. That’s why we’re proud to offer commercial services to businesses with large projects that extend beyond the abilities of their normal maintenance crews. In most cases, we can provide certificates of insurance the same day – often in under an hour, when required –  and can usually start work within 24 hours.

Here is just a small sampling of the types of business we’ve served:

Real Estate Agencies

S__8A40As most agents know, not everyone is an ideal tenant. If you’ve had a renter that left the house or grounds in shambles or moved leaving furniture, appliances, or other belongings behind, you will have to restore the appearance of your property before you can rent it again.

Go Junk Free America! partners with real estate agencies and private owners to remove unsightly junk left inside or outside the home, in addition to appliances, furniture, yard waste, electronics (e-waste), and much more.


Foreclosures are often littered with accumulated junk, old furniture, and appliances both inside and outside the home. Before you can place the property back on the market, you will have to dispose of the items that are left behind. Go Junk Free America! can do entire house and yard clean-ups, hauling away everything from boxes in the garage to large pieces of furniture and heavy appliances. We also haul away spas, sheds, trailers, and other large items from properties who need these old, unused, or unsightly items removed.

Business Offices

Whether you need to get rid of large printers, old computers, outdated furniture, or need your entire office cleared out, we have what you need. In addition to junk hauling and light demolition for businesses who need a room or building stripped down the the frame for remodeling, we also offer dumpsters and labor services to help you manage your project more efficiently.


Go Junk Free America! provides debris removal services for contractors from construction crews, landscapers, remodelers and more. Our oversized trucks can haul away large amounts of concrete, stone, drywall, bricks, and other construction materials. We also provide dumpster rental for crews who need them on-site.

20130709_131228Psychiatrists and Counselors

Our crews at Go Junk Free America! specialize in helping chronic hoarders. If you have a client who needs to rid their home of years worth of health-imparing junk, we can help. Our crews come equipped with hazmat suits and are trained to look for important documents, such as wills, deeds, family photos, and other items of intrinsic or sentimental among the real trash. We’ve been featured on Hoarding: Buried Alive twice and are ready to bring our experience to bear for your client.

If your business needs junk or debris removal services, or if you don’t see your business on this list and wonder if we can help:

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Go Junk Free America! is proud to serve Los Angeles, Orange, and parts of Ventura and San Bernardino counties, including the following cities and their surrounding towns: Los Angeles, Burbank, Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Brentwood, Hancock Park, Belair, Beverley Hills, Culver City, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Universal City, Encino, Glendale, Inglewood, North Hills, Valley Village, Marina del Rey, Reseda, and Tarzana.

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