Junk Removal for Los Angeles Landlords

Junk Removal for Los Angeles Landlords

Getting rid of your own junk can be an issue, let alone trying to manage a property and having to get rid of someone else’s junk. Whether it’s an old, rundown car or a bunch of boxes left behind, Go Junk Free America offers services ideal for junk removal for Los Angeles landlords.

Out with the Old, in with the New Tenant

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Transitioning between old and new tenants involves a lot of paperwork and moving parts. All of which can be slowed when the old tenant leaves behind junk. It’s the property manager’s responsibility to clean up the home, ensure safety and codes are met, and make it ready for the new tenant. Which is where Go Junk Free America comes in!

With our professional junk hauling, we can take away boxes, furniture, old appliances – anything that the former tenant has left behind for you to deal with. We’re even e-waste certified so we can take and properly dispose of electronics, too.

More Than Junk Hauling

If you need more than just hauling, you can also rent a trailer and clean out the home at your own speed. We’ll drop of the trailer and pick it up when you’re done. And for even more help, consider our labor resources to help you move and haul the junk, or help with demolition, furniture moving or other tasks where you could use an extra set of hands.

When you need to keep your properties clean and running efficiently, and part of that includes getting junk out of the way, call Go Junk Free America at 877-465-8653. From junk hauling to trailer rentals and labor, our junk removal for Los Angeles landlords will help you get the job done!

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