All About E-Waste

All About E-Waste

Old And Used Electric Home Waste.Bulky computer monitors, CTR televisions, and flip phones are things of the past. But what do you do with your old technology after you upgrade? The answer is not to throw them in the trash! These items contain hazardous substances that can be devastating to the environment when they are broken apart and allowed to sit in a landfill. This is why California has adopted strict regulations that not only affect the way junk hauling companies like us process these items, but also how individual consumers need to dispose of electronic devices.

What Is E-Waste?
Almost any technology item that is ready to be discarded qualifies as electronic waste (or “e-waste,” for short), including televisions, computers, cell phones, CD, DVD and VCR players, and electronic office equipment, such as printers and fax machines. In the state of California, it’s not only unwise and dangerous to throw these items away, it can also be illegal. According to the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, all CRT, LCD, and plasma screen devices with screens larger than 4 inches are banned from landfills and must be taken to a recycling or collection center. Other forms of e-waste, such as keyboards and cell phones are also considered hazardous and cannot be throw in the municipal trash.

What’s the Big Deal?
Why such concern over electronic devices? The reason lies in their components. These devices contain a number of materials that are toxic when released from their protective casings and allowed to seep into the ground in large quantities. E-waste may contain lead, mercury, cadmium, americium, sulphur, and other hazardous substances, which can disrupt ecosystems, cause birth defects, and contribute to organ damage and cancer.

When these items are accumulated in large quantities and thrown into landfills, they break down and release these elements into the environment. Over time, large concentrations can accumulate in the soil and seep into the ground water, posing a health risk for millions.

E-Waste | 323-633-0610 | Go Junk Free AmericaHidden Treasure
In addition to hazardous substances that need to be contained, e-waste also contains precious metals that should be recycled, such as gold, silver, and copper. Less costly, but just as important for making future electronics, are also the large amounts of aluminum, iron, silicon, nickel, and zinc. By recycling electronic devices, you make sure that these precious elements don’t become buried treasure.

What Do I Do?
Instead of throwing these items in the trash, you need to take e-waste to your nearest collection or recycling center. Some items, such as cell phones and computer accessories, can be taken to major office supply stores, which have collection facilities on-site. Larger items, such as TVs and computers should be taken to a waste collection event or recycling center. E-Waste | 323-633-0610 | Go Junk Free AmericaHowever, if you have large amounts of these items, or e-waste combined with many other kinds of junk and debris, there is also another option – Go Junk Free America! We take e-waste along with most other kinds of junk, appliances, construction debris, spas, and more. No need to sort it, take it to a special facility, or wait for the next event. Just schedule us and we’ll show up at your door to take it away.

For questions about e-waste or to schedule a pickup, contact us or book us online.We look forward to helping make your life junk free.

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